Celebrate legends of the 80s

Celebrate legends of the 80s

From G-Shock, the watch that has constantly been testing new limits in timekeeping toughness since 1983 and Rubik's Cube, the puzzle that took the world by storm and that remains popular even today, comes a new colourful collaboration with the limited edition GAE2100RC.


The base model is the very popular octagon shape GAE2100, that depicts the distinct colouring of the Rubik’s Cube with a blue, red and yellow dial, along with a black band, orange buckle, and green keeper. The stainless-steel case back is engraved with Rubik’s and G-Shock logos. A Rubik’s logo appears on the lower band, and the watch also includes an interchangeable black bezel.


Like G-Shock, the Rubik's Cube continues to inspire generations to come. Find out more about the collaboration here.


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