#MYGSHOCK Feat. Gurinder Sandhu

#MYGSHOCK Feat. Gurinder Sandhu

Gurinder Sandhu grew up playing cricket in the backyard like every other Aussie kid. From there begun his passion, and his skills soon came to match. Now a professional fast bowler, Sandhu plays for Tasmania and Sydney Thunder and has represented the country internationally in one day cricket; the highlight of his career to date.

Gurinder fell in love with G-Shock after spotting it 8 years ago, and has been wearing them ever since. He sports his G-Shock at training and on the cricket field as he knows from experience it can survive a ball to the (watch)face. The fitness range with built in step tracker suits his active lifestyle.

View the range here: https://gshock.shriro.com.au/collections/step-tracker



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