Step into a world of Midnight Fog

Step into a world of Midnight Fog

Evoking the ethereal quality of a night fog, the G-Shock Midnight Fog series is a collection of five metal-covered GM models. The styles feature colour-treated stainless-steel bezels and translucent bands in muted neutral shades that fade to near colourlessness. The metal components are honed and finished in colour ion plating for a rich matte feel, while band and case wear add a touch of balanced contrast.


The models include the large black GM-110MF-1A, small black GM-S2100MF-1A, mid-size brown GM-2100MF-5A, mid-size blue GM-5600MF-2, and small purple GM-S5600MF-6. The GM-S2100MF-1A and GM-S5600MF-6 are smaller S Series models with a unisex style.


The entire series have standard (i.e. non-inverted) LCD displays, and they are all fully shock and water-resistant to 200 meters.


Discover more about the Midnight Fog Series here. 

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